Celebrate Earth!

Join the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center as we Celebrate Earth! the entire month of April. April 22 is Earth Day, but we have so much information and love to share that we need the whole month.

Interested in being a Celebrate Earth! sponsor? Email Jeremy Ladyga at jladyga@dpnc.org

Below are the programs we are offering to Celebrate Earth!  You can register for any of them by calling 860-536-1216 or clicking on this link that will take you directly to our program registration


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Celebrate Earth: Salamander Patrol Alert


Sign up to be part of our local salamander brigade this spring!  Join us for the initial class that will introduce you to our local amphibians on March 18 (see Family Programs). This time of year means warmer rainy nights and the beginnings of amphibian migration. Sadly, crossing roads can be dangerous for our amphibian friends. Learn how to safely transport amphibians on warm rainy nights. Sign up to be notified when a large amphibian crossing is expected. We will meet at the DPNC and walk the roads helping amphibians make it to their nesting grounds safely.  Bring a rain jacket, boots, reflective gear, a flashlight and an open plastic container.  

Saturday Hike: Tilcon Property

 Saturday, April 1


Free/member, $10/nonmember

Join us for an interpretive trail walk through our region’s largest Pitch Pine forest. A knowledgeable DPNC educator will lead the way and discuss the old quarries,rock formations, points of interest and identify seasonal plants and animals. Wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and bring a water bottle. Adults and older children. Meet in commuter parking lot off Poheganut Drive (across from Women’s Care Med Center). Difficult terrain, medium pace.

Full Moon Hike: Hartman Park

Tuesday, April 11


Free for members, $10 for non-members.

Enjoy the “Full Sprouting Grass Moon” as we hike past ledges and glacial boulders, under a canopy of red and white oaks, sour gum, and black birch. The 302-acre Hartman Park is located on the east side of Gungy Road in the northeast corner of Lyme.



Sunday, April 18


$12.75/member, $15/nonmember

Gungywamp is an area of both natural and cultural interest.  It has rocky ridges, glacial erratics and swamps along with enigmatic stone shelters and structures whose use and origin are open to interpretation. Come along on a walk through the woods and see if you can penetrate the mysteries of Gungywamp.  Adults and families who are comfortable walking approximately 2 miles over uneven terrain.  Pre-registration required; directions for parking will be given at registration.

Drop-off Kid Programs

Leaping Frogs

Saturday, April 8


$10.20/member, $12/non-member

Studies show that outdoor free play for our children is more important than ever. We will explore the forest looking for animal signs, dig in the dirt, play nature games, and let the spirit of adventure guide us through this great new program. Join us for a fun morning in a safe, supportive, natural environment. Meet at DPNC

Fabulous Frogs

Sunday, April 23


$5.95 member / $7 non-member

Become a detective as we learn all about the amphibians of the northeast!  We will learn what makes an animal an amphibian, all about the amazing adaptations of frogs and how to tell one frog species from another. You will discover which frog species live in Connecticut as well as learning about their anatomy, life cycle and listening to their calls. We’ll take an up close look at several native frogs and try to guess who’s who. Meet at DPNC.

Celebrate Earth: Plants and Pollinators

Saturday, April 29


$5.95 member / $7 non-member.

Butterflies, bees and other pollinators play a very important role for plants — and for animals, including humans! Learn about the special pollinators that we have in our area. We’ll gently collect pollinators in the meadow and study them up close, then plant some milkweed seeds for Monarch butterflies to enjoy! Meet at DPNC. Ages 5-12.


Smartphone Naturalist

Monday, April 3


$8.50/member, $10/nonmember
Put the technology to work! Learn how to take pictures, how to use your phone as a magnifier, and what apps will aid you in becoming a better naturalist. Indoor component, followed by a hike to the Coogan Farm and back. Adults and families with children ages 10+. Meet at Coogan Farm.

Tree ID: Spring Buds

Sunday, April 9


$8.50 member / $10 nonmember.

Join DPNC Executive Director, Maggie Jones, for the second part of a series designed to better acquaint you with local trees, shrubs and emerging plants in forests, fields and backyards  In this workshop we will look at expanding buds, early flowers and leaves. Meet at the Coogan Farm and walk along the trails learning how to identify different plants along the way. First-hand experience in the field is the best way to learn.  

Celebrate Earth: Our Food Keeps Us Alive!

Tuesday, April 11


$8.50 members/ $10 non-members.

Join us for an engaging evening presentation about what we need to do to have clean sustainable food to eat! Following the showing of Susan Rockefeller’s short documentary, “Food for Thought, Food for Life” we will have a discussion with Dr. Chris Lachowski, a certified clinical nutritionist, about what each of us can do to improve the quality of our food and create a sustainable food supply to support our health and well-being. Meet at DPNC. Adults.


Woodcock Walk at Manatuck Preserve

Saturday, April 15


$5.95 member / $7 non-member.

Learn all about Scolopax minor and then take a walk to search for this mysterious member of the sandpiper family. If we’re lucky, we will witness the spectacular springtime mating display of the American woodcock, or Timberdoodle. At Manatuck, meet in the parking lot behind Pine Point School gymnasium, Barnes Road, Stonington. Adults/Kids 8+.

Woodcock Walk at Coogan Farm

Tuesday,  April 18


$5.95 member / $7 non-member.

Learn all about Scolopax minor and then take a walk to search for this mysterious member of the sandpiper family.  If we’re lucky, we will witness the spectacular springtime mating display of the American woodcock,  or Timberdoodle. At Coogan Farm. Adults/Kids 8+.

Concert for Conservation

Sunday, April 23

2 p.m., Union Baptist Church, Mystic

$25 adults, $5 students

Join us for an afternoon of classical music performed by violinist (and Stonington native) Hilary Castle and special guest artists to benefit the Nature Center’s educational programs. Light refreshments.


Horseshoe Crabs: Ancient Creatures of the Sea

Thursday, April 27


$8.50 members/ $10 non-members.

Join Educator Laura Craver-Rogers who leads horseshoe crab surveys for DPNC and Watch Hill Conservancy for a presentation on the Horseshoe Crab. This ancient sea creature has survived in the oceans for millions of years with its primitive design still intact. We will discuss physical adaptations, nesting and breeding habits as well as its ecological significance and importance to humans! The talk is open to the public. Pre-registration is appreciated. Meet at the Coogan Farm.  Adults.    

Celebrate Earth: The Importance of Keystone Species

Friday, April 28


$5.95 member / $7 non-member.

Learn about the important role the keystone species play in the balancing act of our environment.  We will examine the effect that Keystone Species have on ecosystems through the story of the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Meet at DPNC.