Make way for ducklings!

A mother duck nested in Apple Rehab’s interior courtyard in Mystic this spring, and they have recently hatched! However, the enclosed courtyard posed challenges for the mallard ducklings’ survival, as they couldn’t fly out for food and water, so they needed to be relocated. 

Upon DPNC’s arrival, staff and residents shared mixed feelings: a tinge of sadness at bidding farewell to their feathered friends, but excitement in knowing that the ducklings would soon find a more suitable habitat. The residents watched the rescue through the windows, witnessing quite the spectacle as DPNC staff members attempted to corral the tiny but speedy ducklings around the courtyard. It was a true testament to their agility!

After careful collection of the mother duck and all fifteen ducklings, they were transported to one of DPNC’s ponds to be released one by one. The mother duck patiently lingered by the dock while each of her ducklings ventured into the water. Once the whole family reunited in the pond, they swam off to explore their new home.

This marks the second year in a row this particular mother duck and her ducklings have been rescued from the same courtyard. As they departed the building, ducklings peeping from the carrier, familiar faces waved and said, perhaps to the mother duck herself, “See you next year!”

Watch the video below to see the ducklings being released into the pond!