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Saturday. Here comes a New England cottontail….sometimes hopping up to 18 miles an hour! Yes, these rabbits use their impressive speed (and lots of zig-zagging) to try and stay safe from predators such as owls, hawks and foxes. 

Their sense of smell helps them stay safe, too–they twitch their noses to sniff out danger. An eastern cottontail rabbit can twitch its nose between 20 to 120 times a minute!  At this month’s Adventures in Nature program we’ll introduce one of our resident rabbits and share more interesting facts about the species of cottontails that live in CT. 

Adventures in Nature is a drop-off program for children ages 6-10 exploring a new seasonal nature topic on the second Saturday of each month. Meets at DPNC. Advanced sign up is required.

Members $21.25 – Non-members $25

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