June has finally arrived!

Mountain Laurel, the official state flower of CT, is flowering. These distinct white and pink cup-like flowers are quite fragrant, attracting all sorts of pollinating insects.
This month, most species of turtles in Connecticut are roaming on land to nest and lay eggs. Keep an eye on the roads for any turtles crossing, which are mainly females. If it’s safe and possible to do so, move the turtle off the road in the direction it was heading, to ensure a safe passage.
Baltimore Oriole babies are starting to hatch! Putting out oranges for Orioles will not only attract them to your feeder, but also help the parents get food for their babies.
Most beavers are born this month. Beaver kits are born fully furred and in litters of 1-6 kits, which are cared for by their parents and siblings from the previous year. At two years old, beavers will leave their family group and go off on their own, well prepared to build their own dams and lodges!

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Nature Notes for June 2024