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DPNC is hosting author Leila Philip, the author of Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America, on Sunday, February 25 in partnership with Bank Square Books. The event is located at DPNC, 109 Pequotsepos Road, Mystic.

Beaverland, reviewed in the New York Times, is the story of the wonderfully weird rodent that has surprisingly shaped American history and may save its ecological future. This engaging work of narrative science writing highlights, through history and contemporary storytelling, how this strange rodent plays an oversized role in American history and its future.

Meet the author and learn about her research following fur trappers who lead her through waist high water, fur traders and fur auctioneers, as well as wildlife managers, PETA activists, Native American environmental vigilantes, scientists, engineers and the colorful group of activists known as beaver believers.

Tickets are $10. Copies of Beaverland are available at Bank Square Books or at  DPNC at the event on Feb 25.



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