Name: Mike and Dori Charnetski

Town of Residence: North Stonington

What’s your ‘real’ job: Mike: Aquarion Water Co. Dori: Stonington Public Schools


What do you do as a DPNC volunteer? Animal Care every Monday and every other Tuesday, Animal Care laundry weekly, monthly enclosure cleaning and new perch installation, build new raptor enclosure. Various events, Wild Mushroom Festival, Woodland Egg Hunt, Earth Day, Gala (Dori 3 years).  Mike was a board member for 6 years. Dori was the recording Secretary for the board for 7 years.  Mike does maintenance on the meadow exhibit.  Mike has made several display tables for Coogan Farm as well as the main gate.

How long have you been doing it? 12 years

Why do you do it? We believe in the Nature Center’s mission. The environment needs all the help it can get and hopefully our small contribution will make some difference. We enjoy working with the exceptional staff and constantly learn new things.

What’s the genesis of your wonderful support for the Nature Center? Knowing that all the animals we care for are ambassadors of the environment and are part of programs that teach children (and adults) the importance of protecting it.

What’s your favorite part of what you do at DPNC?  Dori – encouraging a child or adult to touch a snake who either has never touched one before or is apprehensive to do so and watching the excitement and joy on their face.
Mike – Helping wildlife in need and exposing young and old to wildlife and the environment and hopefully encouraging an interest in protecting both.