From Craig Floyd, farm manager:

Our office is coming along nicely and we will soon be painting and decorating. Lots of old tools will be on the walls throughout the shop and office.

The chimney is up and ready to smoke.

A huge garden layout and bed numbering plan will be displayed next to our new “White” board outside the office so last minute garden assignments can be easily understood.

The new shop is ready to build or fix most anything. We have it laid out specifically to facilitate educational classes in many different landscape and gardening-related subjects. Our expert DPNC Educators will soon use this place, and this workshop space, to add to their already outstanding programs. All of our farm equipment can be maintained by us, thereby saving money that can be used for other DPNC needs.

The garden is getting its makeover starting this week. I am told that it will take about four good days to complete. I am so thankful to Mother Nature for allowing us such mild weather so we can get the rocks and debris removed and the area graded. I am fearful though that winter will then hit us hard and stop most anticipated garden work.

We have tons….tons of seaweed to move to its new storage point, alongside that will go Bio Char and then next to that manure.

Bed layout starts first, then the making of the beds and the long task of sifting the beds. Three sifter screens will be made in our new shop so we can have many hands working on this.

Unless the weather stays mild, I don’t see us getting the greenhouse constructed and set until March. We’ll keep our digits crossed, I wanted to be in there working by January.

Brush clearing: If someone wants a nice two or three hour free workout, they can come to the farm and help clear brush on our northern end. Check with me for days and times, text 860-961-0244. If you have a powered brush cutter please bring it, we’ll supply the gas and have one brush cutter on site already. We have tons of snips and cutters. By all means bring gloves, the thorns are extra sharp!

If you want a good online email course to pass the time with may I suggest you visit: