Getting ready to haul that Christmas tree to the curb ? 
We have some recycling  ideas for you instead!
  • Consider putting your tree in your outdoor space during these winter months, decorated with edible ornaments to feed birds and squirrels while food is scarce for them.
Natural garland
String plain popcorn (no butter or salt) with a needle and thread, and wind the garland around the tree. Leftover grapes or cranberries can also be strung into the garland as a wildlife delight.
Pine Cones
Mix raw oatmeal with peanut butter, and roll in birdseed–hang from the tree and watch the birds arrive!
Fruit Salad
Thin slices of apple and orange, hung individually around the tree are a source of moisture and natural sugars.
  • Another way to recycle Christmas trees include cutting them up and laying the boughs on or around some of your more tender plants for winter weather protection.
  • Or, use the tree to create the foundation of a brush pile in your yard. A brush pile of dead branches, twigs and leaves can benefit wildlife in your backyard by providing food sources and shelter from winter weather.
  • Have chickens? Christmas tree branches can provide a wind break in the chicken run, and enrichment for chicken activity.
  • And, if you’re lucky enough to know a pig, sheep or goat farmer, they might even take your tree for their animals to snack on!
At the Nature Center we recycle our Christmas trees in our animal enclosures. This creates variety in our habitats, and provides stimulation and enrichment for our resident animals–stop by and see if you can spot our birds of prey enjoying their evergreen decor!
Here’s Mr. Bill, our mascot and one of our Great Horned Owls with his new January decorations! Photo by Animal Curator Lori Edwards.