While the fields and garden beds lie in quiet slumber, gardeners and farmers are hard at work learning and planning for the growing season ahead.

Coogan Farm Manager Craig Floyd is one of the featured speakers at this weekend’s “Southeastern New England Regenerative Agriculture Weekend” at the Westerly Armory on Saturday, January 7 and  Sunday, January 8. The event features two days of workshops and talks with farmers, soil scientists and “reg-ag” (regenerative agriculture) experts for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Farmer Craig presents at the event on Sunday, January 8 at 2 pm on Plant Sap Analysis, and recommends the entire weekend event for those interested in regenerative farming.

Tickets to the January event at the the Westerly Armory are available at the door, $20 for one day or $30 for two days. The schedule of events is here.

At DPNC, the Giving Garden, under the direction of Farmer Craig and with the support of dozens of DPNC volunteers, has donated more than 250,000 pounds of produce to food pantries in Southeastern Connecticut since it began. 

Through DPNC, Farmer Craig teaches a year-long, free online regenerative farming course sponsored by ECCGA (Eastern Connecticut Community Garden Association.

His January class, Mineralization for Soil Health, teaches about the importance of mineral nutrients in your soil, and some of the numerous natural amendments and fertilizers he recommends to add the essential mineral nutrients plants need to thrive.

What you need to know:

Farmer Craig teaching “Mineralization for Soil Health”

Saturday, January 14

9-10:30 am (online via Zoom)

Advance registration is required for this free class.