Name: Amy Radzvilowicz

Age: Let’s just say I’m recycling my 20’s

Town: My “little city” – New London!

What’s your ‘real’ job: Store manager at the Levi’s Outlet in beautiful Clinton, CT

What do you do as a volunteer at the DPNC: I volunteer regularly doing Animal Care – feeding everything from the fish to caring for “guests” brought into the center for rehabilitation and release. I also volunteer with my peers and coworkers for special events like the Easter Egg Hunt, Mushroom Festival, and Spooky Nature Trail.

How long have you been doing it?: I’ve been doing animal care since May 2013 – group volunteer work for a little longer.

Why do you do it: We, as humans, have the capacity to do so many great things. We get caught up in our own daily lives. Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses, to offer some compassion, to enjoy a sunrise, to bear witness to one of the fastest birds on Earth taking a bird bath.

What’s the genesis of your wonderful support for the Nature Center?: I grew up outside – with a lot of yard, with woods, plants, and animals. Nature taught me so much and brought me so much “quiet happiness” that I still hold on to. I want everyone to be able to find that for themselves. I want it to be there for future generations.

What’s your favorite part?: Every day is a new adventure. I love the new people I meet. I love the unique opportunities it affords me to get close to some awesome creatures. I love team building with my staff. I love the feeling that I am doing something that truly matters.

If you’d like to volunteer, we’ve got lots of options! Please call 860-536-1216.