By Craig Floyd, Coogan Farm manager

The Giving Garden clearing is finally done. I want to personally thank Sam Cherenzia of Cherenzia Excavation for doing such great work.

The excavator dug holes 20 feet deep and buried three times the amount of stone that you now will see along the garden borders.

They raised the grade on one end by at least four feet.

They smoothed out more than an acre and a half and have made the garden area absolutely beautiful!

Heartfelt gratitude goes especially to Duke, the excavator driver, who I am told can put a pumpkin on a telephone pole with his giant machine. He went above and beyond and fulfilled our every request. The canvas of soil he has given us to paint with garden beds and high tunnels is a gardener’s dream.

Thank you Sam, Tony, Rob and the bulldozer guy whose name I never got.

I invite all who have visited Coogan Farm over the past year to once again walk our grounds and see the transformation, especially in the Giving Garden area.

We now have a beautiful dirt road through the garden area and to our shop (the metal barn), so no more sliding in the mud by Dave when he brings another load of seaweed.

More changes will come soon throughout the farm, so 2015 is going to be an exciting year.

For now the focus is on our appreciation for the outstanding work done by Cherenzia Excavation.