NameLaura Craver-Rogers
Town of residenceCharlestown, RI

BabyBoxTurtleSept2014 (1)

Where were you born and raised? I grew up in the Quiet Corner of CT, the very northeast corner, North Grosvenordale. I spent many weeks out of the summer however enjoying the shores of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg (aka Webster Lake).

Education/degree(s)I went to college in Unity, Maine at Unity College, an environmental college. I graduated with a double major, Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Studies and Environmental Writing with a focus on Environmental Education, Interpretation, and Captive Animal Care. I plan to some day go back to get my masters in an environmental field.

How long have you worked at DPNC: About 6.5 years

What is your current position?  Educator and Bookkeeping Assistant

What’s the best part about your job?  Working at a place where I can come in and get out into nature, get my hands dirty, and explore the natural world, that is the best thing about my job. I also really enjoy the times I get to hang out with my animal co-workers.

What’s the best part about the DPNC? The nature center provides a great service to the community through environmental education and awareness.

What do people ask you most often when they find out you work at a Nature Center?  People always want to know if it is fun and do I get to work with the owls. 

What surprises you about your job?  Nature is surprising, whether it’s a fun fact a co-worker says or discovering something while out on the trail; there’s so much to learn. Learning is a lifelong process, and nature is the best teacher.

Favorite animal, plant, or … (and why):  I have had many favorites through the years and truthfully they all are my favorites, but here is my best at narrowing it down:

  • Reptile: Diamondback Terrapin – These beautiful creatures have amazing adaptations to survive in brackish waters, having to deal with salt water and fresh water is not an easy task.
  • Song Bird: Eastern Towhee – The female has such beautiful shades of brown and white that she looks like a toasted marshmallow. Also I love how they forage for food, kicking leaves back with their feet. Plus they sing “Drink your tea!”
  • Owl: Barred Owl – With such a round face and plush feathers for a mane they look so snuggly (but watch out for the talons) and the deep dark eyes make you wonder what they know and have seen.
  • Tree: Red Maple – it likes to grow in both wet and dry soils, red maple swamps are gorgeous in the autumn.
  • Other plant: Bayberry – This plant is great for the birds, is native, and you can make things with it.