As part of ‘Celebrate 70’ this year, we will feature profiles of some of our amazing volunteers. You will find more Volunteer Spotlight profiles on our website, If you’d like more information about volunteering, email Cassandra Meyer-Ogren at [email protected]

Name: Mike Herod
Town of Residence: Mystic

What’s your ‘real’ job: In “real life” I’m retired, after 41 years flying for a living, the last 29 for United Airlines


What do you do as a DPNC volunteer? I try to do anything to help out and keep up with (Farm Manager) Craig (Floyd) and his amazing volunteers, at the Giving Garden at Coogan Farm. Right now that means working on the infrastructure of our greenhouse; but soon there will be more planting, digging, sifting dirt, weeding, and the best part of all … harvesting.

How long have you been doing it? Since last summer … so not quite a year yet.

Why do you do it? Many reasons…first of all, the Giving Garden and Coogan Farm are very unique and important to this area, so it’s great to be involved with them. I love working with the other volunteers, and am amazed at what they have accomplished at the garden, since long before I got involved. The garden produces an abundance of nutritious food, which helps out thousands of people in southeast Connecticut. Plus I have always had a garden of my own at home, so I have an interest in gardening, and there is a lot for me to learn from all of the very knowledgeable people at the Giving Garden.


What’s the genesis of your wonderful support for the Nature Center? I think we all can do our part, in our own way, to be involved in and give back to the community. And for me, this is perfect … working with terrific people, doing something I really enjoy, and having a positive impact on the area.

What’s your favorite part of what you do at DPNC? Working with my hands, getting them dirty, and trying to figure out ways to help make the garden a fun and efficient operation; so that it not only benefits people in need of healthy food, but is also a place where anyone would enjoy visiting, and maybe also get involved as a volunteer.