As part of ‘Celebrate 70’ this year, we will feature profiles of some of our amazing volunteers. You will find more Volunteer Spotlight profiles on our website, If you’d like more information about volunteering, email Cassandra Meyer-Ogren at [email protected]

Name: Victor Dufault
Town of Residence: Noank, CT
What’s your ‘real’ job: Retired Pfizer Project Engineer


What do you do as a DPNC volunteer? Collect and dispose of dead brush around the Center, along Pequotsepos Road, and around the entrance to the Stone Bridges Trail at the Aquarium end. Collect and dispose of trash at those same areas.

How long have you been doing it? Since 2001

Why do you do it? I enjoy the feeling of contributing, and I can take advantage of Pfizer’s Volunteer Program donation of $1,000 (to the Nature Center) for 72 hours worked in a year’s time.

What’s the genesis of your wonderful support for the Nature Center? I started by delivering bird seed to customers once or twice a year. Since that didn’t amount to 72 hours, I got into more steady work and my seed delivery eventually ended.

What’s your favorite part of what you do at DPNC? Looking back and seeing how good areas look after my cleanups.