If you are hiking the trails at Coogan Farm, you will notice work going on at the Stillman Foundation located at the top of the hill. Dating back to the late 1800’s, the Stillman Foundation has important connections to historic Greenmanville. Tree crews are currently working to clear the trees and invasive shrubs that have grown up and around the foundation over the last couple of decades. We expect this work to be completed today, so the next time you visit you may notice a bed of wood chips inside the foundation. 

The work is being done through support of the three-year The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation Greenmanville Grant, with the intent to stabilize and protect the foundation from further decay. Over the past several decades, trees and vandals have significantly undermined and damaged the foundation, in some areas beyond repair.  After the trees are removed, masons will be repairing and stabilizing the walls so that the foundation is safe and can be used for interpretive tours and programs.  

Important things to note:

● The trees that have grown within the foundation are being removed to prevent damage and allow stabilization of the Stillman Foundation.
● When the work is complete, the trees will be replaced with native trees and shrubs that support wildlife and enhance the habitat around and on the outside of the foundation. 
● The foundation dates to the late 1800’s and plays an important part in interpreting the role of the Coogan Farm land in the history of Mystic.
● While Coogan Farm is in a US Fish & Wildlife conservation easement, there is a one-acre exclusion around the Stillman Foundation that permits this work.
● This work is the completion of plans dating back to 2013 as part of the Campaign to Save the Coogan Farm. 
● People should not enter or climb on the foundation or remove stones or bricks.