The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center offers programs to area libraries to support their summer reading programs. This year the DPNC summer library program’s theme is Every Hero Has A Story. Librarians, if you are interested in booking programs with us this summer, see the contact information at the end of this post.

Happy Summer Reading! Here are the offerings this summer:

Animals in Disguise

Learn about the hidden world of animal camouflage. How do these super creatures avoid catching the eye of a predator and fool their prey? We will explore all that and more while we learn and PLAY!

From Farm to Table, the Will Allen Story

Join us as we learn the true story of Will Allen, an environmental hero with a quest to end food deserts in our cities. We will learn about healthy soil and composting, and meet some of nature’s decomposers. Get ready to get MESSY!

Super Birds and Their Super Abilities

Ever wonder how birds are capable of doing all the fantastic things they do? Get up close and personal with natures fl ying machines. Meet one of our bird ambassadors and learn about all the fascinating abilities of these SUPER CREATURES!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, the Omar Freilla Story

Explore the true tale of Omar Freilla and his mission to turn waste into something SUPER! This environmental hero has a knack for seeing the beauty in our trash. Learn how you can take trash and turn it into treasure through hands on explo- ration and art. Let’s get CREATIVE!

Animal Superheroes

Dive into the exciting world of animals and their beyond belief adaptations. Have a close encounter with some of Connecticut’s very own super animals and try your hand at mimicking their super abilities. Let’s get INCREDIBLE!

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, its El Hijo De Santo!

Become a part of El Hijo De Santo’s super team of environmental heros. Find out how this famous Mexican sports star used his fame to help save the environment, one masked crusader at a time. Create your own super environmental mask and join the CAUSE!

Program details: Have a different program in mind? Give us a call; we conduct programs on a wide variety of natural history topics. $100/ hour program. Travel fees may apply. Discounts available for multiple programs. For more information or to book a program, call (860) 536-1216 ext. 18 or email [email protected]